In the age of Covid-19, creating new business models is a powerful way for restaurants, wineries, cafes and other food establishments to generate revenue. Vivaspot is now offering the capability to help your business create and market Wine, Coffee, and even Food membership clubs to help you generate monthly/quarterly recurring revenue streams.

Renault Winery was interested in creating a Wine Club as a way to generate monthly and quarterly subscription revenue for both its members and new potential partners. Using VivaSpot to promote the Wine Club (both on-location, via email and text and through Renault’s website), Renault has not only selling more wines, but is also generating monthy recurring revenue.

“The VivaSpot Solution was great for getting our Wine Membership Club setup and marketing it to our guests. It works seamlessly with our Clover Point of Sale helping us build a new recurring revenue stream”

— Steve Demilio


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