In his book “Permission Marketing“, Seth Godin introduced the idea of using interactive dialogues to gain the consumer’s permission to engage. Engaging consumers builds loyalty; building loyalty drives revenue. As the Internet evolved, Permission Marketing became the defacto standard, and now it is almost unheard of to market anything to the customer unless they have given some type of permission.

Presence Marketing is Permission Marketing on steroids and applied to the physical “brick and mortar” confines of a restaurant or retail establishment. The restaurant doesn’t just capture the customer’s permission for marketing — they also capture the customer’s presence based on their smartphone. When combined, these two data points lead to a powerful marketing punch for building customer loyalty. Here are some examples of Presence Marketing:

Case study 1: Frequent Customers — Reward customers for frequent visits to your restaurant/retail location through instant rewards delivered to their smartphones.

Case study 2: Lost Customers — Entice customers to come back to your restaurant/retail location after determining they have not visited in the past 30 days.

Case study 3: Live Engage — Blast a message or reward to all consumers currently present or recently present in your restaurant/retail location.

VivaSpot uses Presence Marketing to target and engage customers. Merchants select the campaigns that fit the needs of their business, and then VivaSpot automatically runs these campaigns and provides weekly reports on success.

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