Vince Lombardi remarked that “Winning isn’t everything, but wanting to win is“, and nothing can be more true about being a restaurant owner.  In the age of Covid, restaurants have been forced to rethink their business models, or at a minimum-diversify their revenue streams.  

 The daily special is…Membership clubs.  Move over Amazon Prime.

Restaurants like From The Boot are introducing membership offerings – with monthly subscriptions – such as Wine Clubs using Vivaspot.

In early 2020, Panera introduced its unlimited coffee club for $8.99/month.  By early fall the number of customers subscribing to the service had grown to 500K subscribers. That meant big-time revenue at a time when nothing was guaranteed due to Covid.

In San Francisco, El Lopo – a Tapas Bar – has introduced the  Take-Care-of-Me Club, which provides standing reservations, ability to send a free drink to a stranger each time you visit, and $100 in food and drink credits for $89/month.  The subscription services have covered El Lopo’s rent.

The Lazy Betty in Atlanta even offers cooking classes through Zoom to its members.

The Vivaspot platform can help identify, communicate, and enroll/subscribe potential clients to your membership club. Leveraging your creative vision of what membership club make sense for your business, we will help you create a new revenue stream and community of loyal customers.

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