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Every single restaurant marketer I spoke to is concerned with traffic right now. We need new guests. We need more frequency.

And there are a lot of ways to do it.

Here are five solutions I use that I suggest you take a look at:

Guru.Club LLC : I freaking love this. Turn every guest into an influencer. Get your guests to share their experience on Instagram and tag your brand by offering them an incentive. We give guests $5 when they do it. We get awareness, increased engagement on social media, direct connections to guests through DMs, grow our database and drive return trips.

Check it out:

Nift : Attract new guests through a huge network of people looking for offers from restaurants. You offer an incentive to dine (ex: $10 off first purchase) and you get the name and email for 100% of people who SELECT the offers regardless of if they redeem or not. Great way to attract new guests and busily your database.

VivaSpot : gated WiFi is the single best way to collect guest email addresses. It’s affordable. It’s easy. People want it and email is the best retention tool you have. 1/3rd of my list at Handcraft Burgers & Brew was built on free WiFi. We use Vivaspot.

Ovation : get feedback from EVERY guest on EVERY PURCHASE with a really simple, SMS-based, 2-question survey. We use this to get feedback, grow our database, solve customer problems in real-time, convert from 3rd party, have two-way conversations with our guests, reply to every review and do SMS marketing. Amazing tool.

Marqii : every restaurant needs this. Full stop. Organize, manage, and update your information on Google, Yelp, Facebook, Bing, Yahoo, Apple Maps, Siri, Alexa, and dozens of other networks with one automated dashboard. Result: better local SEO and ensuring that people who are searching for your restaurant have all the correct data. Get Marqii now.

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