iValu8 Announces VivaSpot™ for MINDBODY

VivaSpot for MINDBODY is an Intelligent Wi-Fi solution built exclusively for MINDBODY Businesses. If you use MINDBODY at your Yoga Studio, Beauty Salon, Rock Climbing Club, Personal Fitness Studio, Pilates Studio or some other Health and Wellness retail location, you will see the following benefits:

  1. Seamlessly integrated with MINDBODY to help you build your Client Database
  2. Offer superior, high quality and secure Wi-Fi at your studio
  3. Drive revenue by converting prospects to members and cross promoting merchandise
  4. Gather customer feedback and intelligence to help you grow a successful business

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“VivaSpot has been a fantastic addition to our pilates studio. In addition to great Wi-Fi, it has helped us with adding new customers to our MINDBODY database and promoting additional services to our customers.”
—Lauren Deatherage
The Pilates Loft

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